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In his latest blog entry, Dr. Deus Mjungu, Gombe Stream Research Center’s director of chimpanzee research, discusses a recent illness at Gombe National Park, Tanzania.

Fansi anaumwa! (Fansi is sick!)

For an animal, getting sick is a simple fact of life. Despite this, it’s particularly concerning when a chimpanzee falls ill. At Gombe, disease is one of the main causes of death for chimpanzees. Therefore, we keep a particularly vigilant eye on the chimps in the park.

Where in the World is Dr. Jane?

Last week, Jane gave the opening keynote address at the annual AARP convention in Los Angeles. An estimated 8,000 people attended the session! While backstage Jane met actress and comedienne Carol Burnett.


Roots & Shoots Fellow Blog

It’s my favorite time of the year—leaves are turning and it’s time for the Roots & Shoots North
America Summit. I love our Summits because Roots & Shoots members know that giving back
should be fun. More than just a conference, the yearly event is a celebration of the community
impact that members have through their projects and volunteering.


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